How Insurance In Islam?

Often ejected question, how insurance in Islam? May or Not ?
Before answering,  we should understand in depth what is insurance? Insurance is an agreement or an agreement between the agency that guarantees a risk (the insurer) with a body in need of protection from a risk (the insured). Of the agreement, there is a reciprocal where the insured person is required to pay a mandatory fee (premium) is the insurance company (insurer) holds full responsibility respite care services from risk in accordance with suspended by the insured person. In a government insurance law set in legislation no.2 1992.

Then how insurance in Islam, of course we have to consider in advance how and where the source of funds obtained insurance. Premiums paid by the insured entity, the amount corresponding to the value or benefit desired by the insured. Insurers offer several types of premium, from the lowest to the maximum and the insured entity entitled to vote in accordance with the ability to run both the agreed time. The question is, where are these funds then rolled? This should be wary.

How Insurance In Islam?
Insurance in Islam is not prohibited, as long as we ensure that we follow the purpose of insurance is not for the things forbidden treasure moreover enriched with instant path. Source of funds obtained rolled insurers vary, for example, through a stock exchange, bonds, and other investments that have a link with the insurance company. Interest or profit which is the guarantor for the payment risk of the insured person. As Muslims careful, of course we must be careful because not all insurance rolling the funds there, those insurers who only engage with companies that meet Islamic standards.

Furthermore, how the Islamic insurance is enough? Once one knows for sure where the money flows later, then we determine what the right thing to be insured. The first is the life and health insurance, where we do not know when ill, harmed or even death. Moreover, if we are not being, and no relatives. It is very difficult when chronic pain or serious injury and require immediate funds, relying on loans is not that easy. With the existence of this insurance at least we are already preparing the first step to financial constraints emergency ward later.

Do insurance in Islam can be used for education? Fine, as long as the funds are used accordingly. Seeking knowledge is mandatory, and to get a decent science today is not cheap. The possibility of a surge in the cost of education is not unexpected, it is better prepared in the beginning and planned.

Then how insurance for savings plans in Islamic marriage? What we know, saving the static nominal quite difficult. Moreover, can be easily retrieved and used. Despite the trend to marry done in a simple, but it's not that simple. Still a lot of money here and there that must be removed. With insurance, we have compulsory savings that can not be withdrawn until the agreed time. So that funds for married stored safely and sakinah to term.

As to the allowed or forbidden, some scholars gave a fatwa haram insurance for revenue sharing and the source of funds is unclear. At least this time there Takaful, so that the management of the fund in accordance with the law and minimize the things usury. And once again, how the insurance in Islam all depends on your goals.

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