Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

What is the guy still cracks here in this video I've got a beast this is the new Galaxy S seven edge and I want to show you guys a little bit here in detail this thing is amazing this is the titanium silver color are 40% improved battery life better camera microSD expansion this is water resistant again this is amazing

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

there's the edge ownership guys who look at those at edge features you have your news you can just check what's going on Yahoo quickly absolutely amazing guys it's our yearly tradition we have to do it let's go ahead and do the normal knife and hammer test I'm pretty sure nothing really is going to happen with the knife but we we do it anyways I'm and I remember the Essex edge and actually survived very thin survived but it held up very very very well especially with the hammer

so let's go ahead and try with this night we do it here we don't do any minor night scratch test ok ok so far so good I like it it's going try this side because the side always gets you oh yeah yeah so visible markings permit ok I think that's enough for the knife let's move on to what we're waiting for again everything is still of course fully functional can be working can befall us now I'm gonna do vary in a similar fashion as I did with the s6 edge so managers drop it it's a 2.5 pounds just to see cause our members survived those a little like one inch to inch drops just to see cuz I did this before so ok ok

just testing it out yeah that's kind of normal cuz that's what happened last time so now we're gonna go ahead and do a little more powerful hits I like the design I think it's still working so the issue here ever since I did they hammered test on that s6 edge a Samsung has really been stepping up their game I just taking me numerous numerous in his undies are medium to large force hits you know and it's amazing that it's still breathing and show you this for detail so what's going on just keep going now

it's really spazzing out here wow check out our guys looks looks pretty awesome repressed as binary here is shattered good to know a little bit more let's try to stop by regular some touch is what keeps getting up it's pretty amazing is that it or no no it's not ok looks let's finish this this at this point and it still lingers on and off it's simply amazing ok I think that's pretty much it guys stay strong watching this as some images very very hard now and no better explosion very happy I'm hearing including some saying that I'm complaining oh yeah

I smile that I smell that check their hours ago has a shake coming out of their guys it smells like cranberry pie I kid you not ok guys so I'm gonna wrap it up right here this is probably the worst smelling better have ever seen no smashing any kind of phone number know why this one specifically are no major explosion but try not to breathe this thing smells like tart I don't know late like accurate arc to put it outside and stop messing with it thanks for watching guys always more videos and peace.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

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