The Insurance Business Prospects in Indonesia with the presence BPJS

BPJS a transformation of PT. Askes (Persero) started since January 1, 2014 is a basic form of insurance protection in Indonesia. This means that business opportunities for private insurance are not covered. Besides being a protection for health care costs, BPJS also protect the safety of labor costs in the event of unwanted things.

The assumption that private insurance in Indonesia which will compete with BPJS it is wrong. BPJS also will seize the business opportunities for insurance companies in Indonesia. Actually insurance in Indonesia has a major rival that foreign insurance companies is increasing in Indonesia.

Concerns insurance company in Indonesia with their BPJS is no apparent reason. This is because the business prospects and market opportunities are different. BPJS focuses on health insurance and retirement while private insurance companies in addition to providing services for the health and pensioners there are others that are wide open.

Broadly speaking, the prospect insurance business in Indonesia will not affect the presence of BPJS. But the insurance companies whose services resemble BPJS product should be cautious and anticipate because it does not directly impact the insurance company. Here are things to consider at the prospect of the insurance business in Indonesia with their BPJS.

Insurance in Indonesia from the Strategy
BPJS cover all Indonesian society to guarantee their health. Therefore, private insurance companies have to cover services other than those provided by BPJS. Using the collaboration given by BPJS as basic health insurance with other insurers to show the business outlook and to attract prospective policyholders were offered.

Business opportunities for health insurance companies with their BPJS will indeed be influential. But for insurance companies engaged in addition to the health sector will have no effect. For example, an insurance company engaged in the social and education will not be affected.

So that someone who is a participant BPJS can purchase other insurance products according to the needs. For example, a civil servant who has been a participant BPJS can buy insurance products from private companies in the field of education. Was exactly the reason the insurance company in Indonesia will not affect their BPJS.

Insurance in Indonesia Must Expand Services
The insurance company in Indonesia in addition to determining the marketing strategy also should expand services. By expanding the services it will attract prospective policyholders. BPJS then their insurance company in Indonesia would not be eroded. BPJS it will open up business prospects that would not result in insurance in Indonesia worsened. This is because the business prospects for BPJS different from each other. BPJS market share only include civil servants, military and community workers or medium while insurance in Indonesia are mostly upper middle so that it can expand its services.

Insurance in Indonesia will continue to grow in the presence of BPJS. With the development of insurance in Indonesia may be competition but it will not destroy each other. The insurance company can open up new business prospects with wider range of services for new market share is not in the insurance world.

The conclusion is that insurers in Indonesia will not be affected by the BPJS. Both can support each other because they have different markets. Prospects of insurance business in Indonesia are also more wide open so it can grow.

Different markets would make both remain focused on improving the service provided. Hopefully reviews about the prospects of the insurance business in Indonesia with BPJS could be beneficial.

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