The Insurance In view of Islam

Insurance -Insurance In the Islamic view is a guarantee or trade given by the insurer to the insured for risk of loss as stipulated in the agreement. Or rather serves as a guarantee of insurance liability for all damages, such as fire, accident, which is not bound to happen. To obtain a guarantee / insurance premium we have to pay his monthly adjusted by agreement. Insurance consists of life insurance, scholarships, education insurance, and many other insurances.

Insurance In view of Islamic Law
Most of the Muslims, considers that insurance is not Islam. They assume that people who commit insurance as well as those yanng deny the grace of Allah. Because only God who can decide everything-galnya and provide sustenance, health, safety, death, to His creatures, as has been dijekaskan in the word of God, entrusted from the meaning are :

"And there is no creature on earth but God was the one who gave sustenance." (Q.S. Hud: 6).
"And who (also) who provides for you from heaven and earth? whether there is a God besides Allah (the others)? "(Q.S. An-Naml: 64).
"And we have appointed for you the earth necessities of life, and (we created anyway) creatures thou not giving sustenance to him". (Q.S. Al-Hijr: 20).

Then from the third paragraph, it can be deduced that in fact God has prepared everything for the purposes of all His creatures, Including human beings as inheritors of the earth. Allah has prepared a raw material, not the material ripe. So that Man still needs to Cultivate it, look for it and even attempt. People who always involve; itself into an insurance, is one of the activities to face the future and old age. However, due to insurance activities is not Described explicitly in the texts, then the insurance is Considered a matter of struggle, the which is a problem that is still debate and dissents that is very difficult, to avoid.

Some view the Islamic Leaders Against Insurance In Islam
Insurance is prohibited / Haram, in all forms, and life insurance are included into it. This Opinion was Expressed by some Islamic leaders. Namely Sayyid Abdullah al-Qalqili Muhammad Yusuf al-Qaradawi and BakhilMuth'i. By describing the reasons as follows:

• Insurance that contains elements that are uncertain.
• Insurance is the same with gambling.
• Insurance Contain elements of usury / renten.
• insurance contains elements of blackmail. Due to the policy- if they can not continue to pay premiums, then it will disappear premiums already paid or deducted.
• Prmi-premiums already paid will be played in the practice of usury.
• Insurance also includes the sale or exchange of currency that are not in cash.
• Life and death of man as object of business, so similar to precede God destiny.

And apart from that no insurance is allowed, that which was stated by Abd. Akhmad Mustafa ZarqaWahabKhalaf Muhammad Yusuf Musa and ABD, Rakhman Isa. They have reasons to allow insurance, as follows:

• There are no texts (the Qur'an and the Sunnah) the which prohibits insurance.
• There is an agreement and the willingness of both sides.
• Mutually beneficial for two parties.
• Insurance could Overcome the public interest. Because the premiums collected may be invested for productive projects and development.
• Including Insurance mudhrabahcontract.
• Including Insurance Cooperatives.
• Insurance analogous to the pension system as taspe.

So from some opinion leaders to discuss about Islamic Insurance In view of Islam. Still unsolved, and many inviting hesitations, so it is still difficult, to Determine the which law is most true.And in this state, you should stick to the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW: "Leave things ye doubt (cleave) to things that do not doubt you." (HR. Ahmad)

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